Everyone Wants a Good Night's Sleep

Why linen?

Body Specific

Not only does linen look and feel beautiful it's functions are tailored to our bodies for your best night's sleep.  Our bedding keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to it's unique properties. Linen has a larger weave allowing better airflow, therefore providing cooling properties.  It is also moisture wicking, who wants to wake up sweaty? Yuck.  Linen is also a great insulator, keeping you warm in the cooler weather.  Let's not forget antimicrobial properties and is anti-allergenic.

Sustainable & Safe

100% French Flax linen is great for those with sensitive skin.  Our bedding is OEKO-TEX® certified meaning no harmful chemicals were used in production so you can sleep with peace of mind.  French Flax Linen is also 100% biodegradable, making you feel good about your bedding choices.

Better With Time

The more you wash our linen bedding, the softer it'll get-like a fine wine!  We recommend washing linen bedding in cool water and hang to dry to prevent shrinkage and to prolong the life of bedding.

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